Homes: Inside & Out

Teaberry is widely known for painting homes.  Lots of homes.  Interiors and exteriors. Complete one-stop services include drywall repairs, carpentry services, cleaning gutters, and even washing windows.

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Townhome Projects

Teaberry also paints large residential projects.  We've done upwards of 77 buildings on one project!  We can handle your project, as well.

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Commercial Properties

We also have extensive commercial experience:  office complexes, manufacturing facilities, and even churches! Inside and outside. There are few projects that we can't handle.

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Painting is one of the fastest and least expensive ways to not only maintain a home or business, but to also add value. It says volumes about you, your standards, and your stature among friends and in the community.

Still, it is hard work and time consuming. Anyone can paint, but few do it well. Picking the wrong painter can be painful, and worse, it can be expensive. Teaberry has 20 years of experience painting occupied homes, townhomes, and businesses, and has hundreds of satisfied customers. No one has a better record than Teaberry!

Make the right decision: pick Teaberry. And then relax.

Paint Can --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

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