2019 Interior Design Trends You Should Know About


The New Year brings in new trends.

When it comes to interior design, what are the trends and developments you should look forward to this year? These can be fun and exciting, especially if you are planning on redecorating your home.

Interior Design Trends for 2019

If you are planning on giving your home an update, then you might find it useful to know the various trends for the year. You do not have to stick to these fads, but you can use them to come up with your own design ideas. Read on and be inspired.

  1. Softer

Expect softer and even feminine lines to become trendy for this year. This means we are going to see more of curved lines on furniture and move away from more practical flat lines and right angles.

There is also a trend of using 1970s design, which mostly comes in the form of tassels and fringing.

  1. Warmer Tones

When it comes to colors, warmer tones are the ones going to be in vogue this year.

Another color trend is the use of green, and the best type of green decor will be live greenery. You can spread it out throughout your home. Plants can breathe in life to a whole room.

  1. Better Materials

New technological developments are making designers and homeowners come up with better interior designs. 3D printing, for example, is opening up so many possibilities.

Another tendency is to use soft materials like velvet. As proof of how trendy this fabric is, velvet is one of the most searched fabrics on Google for the past several months.

Also, materials that are environmentally friendly and sustainable are becoming increasingly popular. Bamboo, jute, and organic fabrics will become increasingly used in the months ahead.

  1. Natural Patterns

Designers are favoring natural patterns for 2019. This comes after several years when the trend has become minimalist in design patterns. Floral patterns are paired with modern color palettes to keep things interesting.

You might also want to try using floral wallpapers. Mirror surfaces and metals will be used more often this year as well.

  1. Your Kitchen

If you are looking for some design ideas for your kitchen, you should know that the trend is all about color. The use of dark colors will become more common. From navy to even black, kitchens will become darker.

  1. Darker Bathrooms

Bathrooms are also going to become darker in hue this year. This is inspired by bathrooms in luxury hotels that use rich colors like moss green and deep blue.

These are the interior design trends for 2019. Again, you do not have to stick to the ideas that are trending. Trends alone should not dictate your choices. The most important thing to consider will be your preferences. What kind of color, design, and theme would you like to see in your home interior? If you are redesigning, then you can come up with an interior design that matches your personality.