Color Spotlight: Sherwin-Williams’ 2019 Color Of The Year

Paint company Sherwin-Williams recently revealed their choice for the color of the year – and it may surprise you! They selected Cavern Clay SW 7701, a warm and earthy brown, as the 2019 Color of the Year. Cavern Clay is a part of the ‘Wanderer’ Color Palette by Sherwin-Williams, a collection of free-spirited earthy tones that Sherwin-Williams selected as part of its 2019 Colormix Color Forecast. While brown may not seem like the most exciting color, we’re going to discuss why Cavern Clay is an ideal choice to add depth and warmth to any home or business.

The year 2019 is likely going to see interior design take a step back in time to the 1970’s, where earthy hues, combined with simple, yet often sophisticated furnishings created ideal living spaces for engaging in business and social gatherings. Versatile, casual, yet sophisticated and inviting, Cavern Clay brings the outdoors inside to create a vibe of the great American Southwest. While staying modern, this color reminisces on sun-kissed desert and canyon colors.

How to Use Cavern Clay

There are a variety of ways to incorporate Cavern Clay into your house painting or commercial painting project. Using Cavern Clay in any room of your home or business provides the opportunity to incorporate popular mid-century styles with the modern aesthetic of this versatile hue. Combine bohemian furnishings and decor with timeless pieces of today’s modern style, using materials such as leather, wood grains and elemental colors. Keeping the vibe outdoorsy and natural is the best way to utilize this hue.

Pair Cavern Clay with other neutrals, such as white, cream, or gray for a refreshed, carefree, modern vibe. The warmth of this color is a great way to add a rich and inviting vibe to interior spaces. Incorporate this color into spaces with a lot of natural light, such as kitchens, living rooms, and even dining rooms. Additionally, you can even use it with outdoor design as well, making your deck or patio into a desert oasis with the addition of a few plants (find something green that works with your climate), comfortable seating and a bohemian-style rug to pull it all together. 

If you prefer a more colorful twist, Cavern Clay also pairs well with brighter colors, such as sunny yellow, cobalt blue and forest green. Large, leafy, green plants, such as the fiddle leaf fig or the philodendron, will stand out beautifully in a room with this wall color. Even modern furnishings with shiny chrome accents will look good with this natural, comforting shade of brown.

Cavern Clay for Business Interiors

Transform any space of your business by incorporating Cavern Clay to the design. Create an inviting waiting area or lobby by bringing in bright green plants and placing them against a Cavern Clay wall. Let this hue bring sophistication into an office with a beautiful wood grain desk or console table, leather furnishings, and bright wall art.

Enjoy rich warmth in the colors of your home or business, bring the outdoors inside, and give your space a casual, yet refined character. If you’re considering Cavern Clay for your home or business, be sure to consult professional painting contractors to get the job done right. When it comes to your interiors, even the right color can look wrong with a subpar paint job.