How to Do an Eco-Friendly Paint Job

Being eco-friendly is a trend right now. And good way to be even it were not.

Most people are aware now of the importance of taking care of the environment, but did you know that you can also do eco-friendly painting?

Here’s a short guide that you can use when you are painting to keep things environmentally friendly.

Avoid VOC

The term Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) is used to describe the fumes that come off of paint products. That “new paint job smell” is the lingering aroma of VOC’s not fully dispersed. But it is really not all the good to breathe. VOC’s in higher concentrations can also have a very negative effect on human health, irritating the eyes, throat, and lungs.

Increasingly however the VOC’s on many paint products have been coming down. Many acrylic paints are now available in low-VOC products.  For interiors, there are even no-VOC products. For some jobs, it may be difficult to avoid VOCs altogether. Yet still there are more options to be environmentally-friendly than there were ten years ago.  Just ask your paint professional.

Know How Much Paint You Need

When you are planning on doing a paint job, you need to estimate the amount of paint that you need to finish it.

If you know the exact amount of paint that you need then you will not end up buying too much. Leftover paint can end up as waste and that is usually the case. It’s actually rare that leftover paint gets used.

To calculate the amount of paint that you need for a paint job, you can get the area of the surface that you are painting by multiplying its height and the width to get the square footage. Most paint cans will have information about how much area it can cover per gallon.

Get the Right Paint for Each Area

Different areas require different types of paint. Places that are cold for example would require a different type of paint from places that are humid. If you live in a humid location, it would be a good idea to use a paint that fights the growth of mold.

Dispose of Paint Properly

One of the main environmental problems caused by paint is when it is not properly disposed. Most if not all paint jobs have leftover paint and most of the time these would have to be disposed of.

You must dispose of your leftover properly, so it does not end up causing harm to the environment. Ideally, the paint should be used, so maybe you can give the leftover to someone else who could use it.  Also, most paint stores now accept back any leftovers for recycling for a small fee.

There’s always the option of hiring a professional painting contractor. They can make sure that the paint job in your home is not going to cause any harm to the environment. Get in touch with professional painters now and get your paint job done in an eco-friendly way.