How to pick your child’s bedroom color

If you’re expecting a child in the near future, congratulations! You’re probably thinking about what color to paint for your child’s new bedroom. But before you reach for the traditional baby blue or pink, you might want to go for something else instead with more longevity. Here are a few tips and tricks from the professional painters at Teaberry Painting we’d like to share with you.

Colors that Last

Since you’ll be spending the most time in baby’s room once he’s born, you may consider picking a color that suites your style and then paint it again as he gets older. But if you don’t like the thought of residential painting again, try cerulean blue. This type of blue is great for a kid’s bedroom because it’s calming and creates a nurturing environment, but it also provides a nice pop of color that won’t outgrow him. And if you plan to sell the house down the road, triple bonus points – cerulean is a great color to help sell your home!

Make it an Adventure

Remember that selecting a color is a very special time for your child, and if you don’t mind house painting it again as she gets older, it’s a very rewarding process for her. Let her choose the color of her own room, and then get creative together! You can be as simple or outrageous as she wants it to be. Just make sure it fits a specific theme, and you’re all set! The budget can be modest by making most of the designs yourself and add a few key items to pull together the theme and bring in consistency.

Does a lush green jungle with alligators  sound exciting? Or maybe a plush pink princess palace? Maybe she wants dark walls and do a stargazing outer space theme. Or maybe she’s into sports, and the colors of her team reflect her competitive spirit. Whatever it is, this is the room where you can let imagination run wild and it looks great. So let it happen! Choosing her own theme for her bedroom helps develop decision making, social and creativity skills, and you’ll also make lasting memories together. Making it during the project will also teach her valuable mechanical skills that will help her later in life. And once it’s done, you can sit back and be proud of what you accomplished together.

No Job Too Big or Small

If you fancy the idea of getting imaginative for your child’s room but aren’t so confident with your painting skills, no worries! Let the painting contractors at Teaberry Painting help you bring your child’s dream to life. Our Colorado painting experts paint everything from interior painting to exterior painting and everything in between. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. We look forward to assisting you and your family!