The Truth About Low-Temperature Painting


Acrylic paints will not cure properly when air (and surface) temperatures are too low. Traditionally, the minimum temperature for proper cure was considered to be 50 degrees. A coat of paint essentially undergoes two processes:  it forms a film and adheres to the surface.  At below-application temperatures the film will form but adhesion is weak. So, it looks alright to the eye but is likely to peel off later.

Paint technology however continues to change the landscape.  Specialty paint products with low-temperature cure ratings started appearing some twenty years ago (1999). Since that time, such properties are commonplace among the latest generation products.

Today, Teaberry is able to offer a full line of low-temperature rated products for use in exterior painting. That said, there are still limits. Sub-freezing temperature are still VERY inappropriate for painting.  As the picture shows that some painting contractors either do not understand these limits or do not care.

Trust Teaberry to manage all of these variables. Delivering quality that lasts is the best value.