Property Managers

We offer painting services for property managers. We are financially solid, have great organization, experienced crews, and excellent oversight. You can relax if your project is being handled by Teaberry.


Large or Small

Almost no project is too large. Plan for 75 units in one year. Or consider painting 25 a year on a 3-year rotation. We offer either, and do both very well.

We get in compliments here at Teaberry on a regular basis. Here are some of the comments.

Just a word of encouragement to everyone involved with the painting, particularly the Teaberry crews, which continue to do an outstanding job. We’re about to finish the 49th building out of 71, plus two mail kiosks. We only have 22 buildings to go! We’re over 2/3 done!


Great weather for painting.  Thank you for the information on the paint at our planning meeting.  Our residents have had positive comments on the product and overall job.