We understand... we deliver

We understand that you are not just looking for a great price, you also want quality work, a smooth operation, and dependable service. That is why people call Teaberry. We understand your needs and deliver.

Beautiful Results

Transform any home to a beautiful finish. Different styles. Same result.

We get compliments in here at Teaberry on a regular basis. Here are some of the comments.

Thank you again for the nice paint job that Juan did. There are already many neighbors that wanted your company name.


Glen.  We mailed the remaining balance on Monday. Thank you for having Al come on time and finish the project in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Gary and Joanna


Thanks so much for the wonderful job on the house we love it!  Wanted to get an interior quote for two rooms when you have the time- no rush.




We finally returned from NJ and saw the house for the first time yesterday.  It looks great.

Thanks for a great job.


How's it looking?

Looks great!


Thank you!


Thank you for sending Juan to paint our house. He did an Excellent job. Juan was very nice, professional, hard working, and thorough in his painting. We appreciated how well he cleaned up his work area every day. Your company will be highly recommended by us.

Thank you again. The house looks beautiful.

Catherine and Fred

Great job!



A beautiful finish starts by getting a bit ugly.  Scraping, priming, caulking. Yep! We get ugly on your home but you'll like the finish.

Stucco paints.

We're often asked if stucco can be painted. Yes. In fact, it paints very well. Old, tired, and bleached out stucco can be given a fresh, clean new look.

Stain to Paint

Change outdated stained and varnished interior trim to the sleek and modern. Put a dramatic new look in your home. Teaberry can do it.