Selling Your Home? Consider these Paint Colors

People are visual creatures by habit. We make many decisions from what we see, and buying a house is no exception. If you’re planning to sell your home, you don’t have to perform elaborate visual tricks to win the buyer. A fresh coat of paint is all you need. Professional painters know that paint in the right places does wonders to increase your home’s value and is often less expensive compared to more extensive home improvement projects. Below are some important colors for consideration.

1. Blues

Blue is the most popular color in the world according to color psychology authorities. Known to lower blood pressure and create a relaxing effect, blue colors do well to help sell a home. For residential painting, use gray blues in the kitchen for a welcoming environment. Cerulean works great for bedrooms and provides a nice pop of color. Light pale blues are very soothing for bathrooms and a tasteful complement to the other rooms in the house.

2. Warm Browns

If you’re looking for colors to spruce up the boring white walls in your living areas, traditional tans and warm browns are the way to go. Not only are they timeless, they also give potential buyers a fresh clean palate to work with and imagine their own unique style to fit the space. Whether it be oatmeal, beige, or camel, remember that you don’t have to be married to the color to make it work. Many buyers will repaint their new homes anyway – your goal is to get them to seal the deal.

3. Navy

Homes with navy exterior doors according to Zillow sold for $1,500 more than homes with other color doors on the market. Navy has the intriguing ability to provide a striking contrast without feeling too dark, and its classic look will hold true for years to come and outlast many fashions. From nautical to city-side, navy crosses well into many creative themes and is a great choice for a front door for curb appeal.

4. Slate

Blues and tans look great in many rooms for your house painting project, but what about the dining room? Enter the bold look of slate. This sophisticated dark gray color provides a striking backdrop for the dining area without disrupting the visual flow. Slate dining rooms also tend to fetch $2,000 more for sold homes.

5. Greige

This color has spiked so much in popularity, you knew we just had to bring it up! Nestled in between the boundaries of gray and beige, greige is the natural choice that suits just about everyone and is a nice exterior color that holds up well. It also outsells more than brown or tan homes.

Don’t fancy the idea of painting the house yourself? It’s worth it to hire a painting company. From residential to commercial painting, our painting contractors at Teaberry Painting help get your property’s return on investment. Contact our interior painters today for your home’s needs!