Tips For Picking Interior Paint Colors

Planning to paint the interior of your home is a big step in home improvement. Creating the ideal environment for you and your family, painting the interior also likely increases the value, should you decide to sell the home.
Choosing the right interior paint colors is not as easy as it probably seems when you first decide that painting the interior is a great way to update your home. It is not as easy as simply deciding you want to choose paint in your favorite color. There are other decisions, such as deciding how to use the proper color schemes for each room, creating the vibe that you want, along with considerations such as lighting.

How to Decide On a Color Scheme

Do you plan to paint one room or the entire house? While painting each room a completely different color may seem like a good idea at first, you do not want your home looking like the interior of a preschool setting. When House Beautiful asked New York designer Scott Sanders about mixing up colors from room to room, Sanders explained that he liked using one or two colors throughout the home and mixing in others as accent colors. He stated the importance of having continuity throughout the entire home.
Do what feels right for you and your family and how you want the interior of your home to look when professional painters complete the project. Do not feel you have to stick to a completely neutral palette. That can easily become boring as quickly as painting your home using all bold colors. Using the color wheel to see how various colors work together or going with theories of design works very well for some people and not at all for some homeowners.

Considerations for Painting Each Room

Consider the lighting in each room, which Better Homes & Gardens explains will have a “Significant impact” on color scheme. Take note of how lighting affects each room throughout the day and consider this before choosing paint colors. The amount of light each room receives helps determine whether a warm or cool palette works best.
Make the room pop when you advise your interior painters that you want to create a color scheme based on artwork or print fabrics in a room. A bold pop of wall color brings out the neutrals in your furnishings and window treatments.
Bring the outside inside when you advise your professional painters that you want to bring beach blues into your home or incorporate the wonderful greens of foliage outside a window. Your interior painters know the dos and don’ts of painting with these color choices and have the experience to create the ideal look and mood using your paint choices.
Professional painters help customers achieve their dream for the perfect interior paint project by listening to the Colorado painting customer’s vision. They bring their experience as knowledgeable interior painters to your home as well as the proper materials to complete your interior painting project, whether you plan to paint one room or every wall and trim inside your home.